Knowledge Avatars Tell You What You're Missing


Just released a new feature of Knowledge Avatars that highlights your knowledge gaps. They tell you what you don't know.

Using Knowledge Matrix™ technology, Knowledge Avatars robot tutors can now specify which concepts are prerequisites of other concepts. This feature allows learners to immediately evaluate what they need to know to understand or master a particular topic.

Knowledge Avatars are expressive individualized robot tutors that know how to teach.

They can help students master subjects in school or help employees improve their work skills. Anyone can create a Knowledge Avatar without any programming skills whatsoever. Creators can position these emotive bots on their websites or blog.

They present videos and images to help you understand topics.

Creators monetize Knowledge Avatars through advertising or licensing.

To schedule an interview with Knowledge Avatars CEO Emiliano De Laurentiis, or for more information, please email, or call 413-300-1198.