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Knowledge Avatars are ideal tutors. They teach using foremost teaching methodologies!

It is easier to learn with a Knowledge Avatar because you have more control over the type of content you learn from or the order in which you learn it. Knowledge Avatars is a micro-learning environment that supports a wide variety of learning resources. In addition to answering your questions, Knowledge Avatars can present videos, text, images, games, simulations, animations, or virtual rooms. 

Our central Knowledge Matrix technology ensures that all of the content that you need is covered.

Our F.E.E.D.1 pedagogical model ensures that you have the content to understand each concept.

1F.E.E.D. = Feedback, Examples, Experiences, Definitions

Create your Knowledge Avatar.

Knowledge Avatars are suitable to teach any subject and for any age group. Your can place your Knowledge Avatar on any website.

You can monetize your Knowledge Avatar from ad revenues or licensing.

Creating a Knowledge Avatars is rapid and efficient. It requires no-code.

The micro-content nature of Knowledge Avatars means that you develop teaching content concept-by-concept. You may repurpose content already available from other sources. You can always re-visit the material later to enhance it without affecting the whole Knowledge Avatar. You can develop your Knowledge Avatar incrementally. You can focus on content that needs to be covered immediately and build more later.

The complete flexibility of Knowledge Avatars reduces development time and ensures consistent educational quality throughout.

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