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What is the future of technology in education? How will AI impact your role as a teacher? How will AI impact students? How can technology be used to effectively improve the classroom experience? How are educational institutions going to evolve with the presence of AI?

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Emiliano started his career as an educational psychologist and counselor, leveraging his undergraduate work as a cognitive scientist and his love of technology to mold the intersection of education, psychology, and technology. Over the years, he has developed and published dozens of math, science, and social studies courseware. He designed museum exhibits, directed a documentary film, and built virtual experiences before VR technology existed! He was one of the first people to provide learning online and use AI to improve the learner’s experience.

"I heard your clear explanation.
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Emiliano has a historical perspective. He was at the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center receiving a private viewing of the mouse, visual user interface, and laser printer before they were commercialized. He worked on a national educational network with Novell before the Internet existed. He saw the convergence of half a dozen operating systems into two and witnessed the move from desktop technology to mobile. He has first-hand stories about the evolution of technology in schools that will amaze and inspire you. He’s consulted with dozens of educational institutions, corporations, and the government.


How to leverage ChatGPT to make teaching easier • How the blockchain can eliminate grades. • Educational AI companions • Coding as proof of learning • Decentralized schools • Robot teaching assistants • How to diagnose knowledge gaps


April 28, 2023: 10th International Conference on Emerging Trends in Engineering and Technology (ICETET"23")

June 14, 2023: How to Use Artificial Intelligence for Corporate Learning in 2023.

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