Support Options!

Enroll in the Knowledge Avatars Creator Support Program and get the help you need to optimize your Knowledge Avatars. 

All registered Knowledge Avatar users are Knowledge Avatar creators, giving you the ability to create your Knowledge Avatars. Standard support for Knowledge Avatar creators includes:

  • Charlotte, the KnowledgeAvatarGURU™. She can answer most of your questions about developing your Knowledge Avatars.
  • Email support. Your questions will be answered within 24 hours.
  • Discord support. You may participate in our Discord groups and conversations.​

The Knowledge Avatars creator support program gives additional help in conceptualizing and optimizing your Knowledge Avatar.

This support is provided in the following ways:

  • Webinars
  • Real-time tech support.
  • Phone support in critical situations.

The topics we help you with:

  • Knowledge Engineering techniques for analyzing a knowledge domain
  • How to ensure that the content is complete
  • A system for covering all possible knowledge gaps
  • The pedagogy behind Knowledge Avatars' ability to teach
  • Optimizing the learning experience
  • Creating a Socratic environment
  • Creating custom characters.
  • How to monetize Knowledge Avatars
  • Building a business around your Knowledge Avatar

You may purchase one-on-one support at an hourly rate or subscribe for ongoing group support. Please click below for up-to-date pricing.