A Plan to Keep Students Learning & Engaged

The pandemic has created a situation where parents are homeschooling, and teachers are trying to teach online.  Out of frustration, some school districts want to close the school year. What will students do educationally for the rest of this school year and throughout the summer?

The problem is that parents are not prepared to homeschool, and may not have the time since they are trying to work from home.

Teachers are not used to teaching online with the current tools available to them.

Class attrition rates are higher online compared to live classes. Students learn better and are more satisfied with online courses when there is higher engagement with the teacher and with content.

Our solution is exciting to students and familiar to teachers. Furthermore, it will unburden families.

We have integrated virtual 3D classes with individualized robot tutors, called Knowledge Avatars.

In the VR classrooms, teachers can "teach" as if they were in an actual classroom. They can present to the class in a live video stream or share their screen. Students may ask questions, participate in group discussions, or break up into separate project groups. Furthermore, the 3D world can be modified to include virtual tours of different places (like the Milky Way) that students can use for discussion. It is an ideal environment to collaborate on projects.

Each Knowledge Avatar can be uploaded with knowledge from your curriculum to help students with projects.

Please contact us for details or schedule a live demo here.